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Oky Newstar Technology Co., Ltd

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Oky Newstar Technology Co., Ltd

A few words about us
China Oky Newstar Technology Co., Ltd company profile
China Oky Newstar Technology Co., Ltd company profile
China Oky Newstar Technology Co., Ltd company profile
China Oky Newstar Technology Co., Ltd company profile
China Oky Newstar Technology Co., Ltd company profile
China Oky Newstar Technology Co., Ltd company profile
China Oky Newstar Technology Co., Ltd company profile
China Oky Newstar Technology Co., Ltd company profile
China Oky Newstar Technology Co., Ltd company profile
China Oky Newstar Technology Co., Ltd company profile
China Oky Newstar Technology Co., Ltd company profile
China Oky Newstar Technology Co., Ltd company profile
China Oky Newstar Technology Co., Ltd company profile
China Oky Newstar Technology Co., Ltd company profile
China Oky Newstar Technology Co., Ltd company profile
China Oky Newstar Technology Co., Ltd company profile
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Oky Newstar Technology Co., Ltd

Oky Newstar Technology Co., Ltd is subsidiary of Okystar Technology Group Co.,Ltd,which holds 4 subsidiary companies and more than 1500 skilled workers and 50 technicians.


Oky Newstar Tech Co.,Ltd built in 2004.It is one of the professional leading exporters of educational DIY products in Shenzhen, China. After 12 years’ development, our company has grown into a large high-tech group corporation integrating industry, technology and trading. With electronic information industry as our main business, We keep being top 10 in the industry of educational DIY products.

3 Years Warranty for Branded guarantee the high quality and good after-sale services. Four services teams(sales team + production team + products testing team + after-sale services team) make us win more long term business partners all over the world. We are always trying to distinguish ourselves from the competitors by efficient communication, value-added services as well as prompt technical support. In May 2006, Okystar became one of the Top educational DIY Enterprises of China.

In 2009,We opened a subsidiary in Venezuela. In 2012,We became a member of the “shenzhen chamber of E-Commerce”. We look forward to your support and win-win cooperation.

We have been in the international trade field for more than 11 years. Our clients spread all over the world. We have gained sound reputation from our customers, as they acclaim that our products have top performance against price ratio.



Company Details

Main Market

North America

South America

Western Europe

Eastern Europe

Eastern Asia

Southeast Asia

Middle East




Business Type





Brands : OkyNewstar Okystar

No. of Employees : 100~300

Annual Sales : 150 Million-200 Million

Year Established : 2004

Export p.c : 40% - 50%

Company History


Oky Newstar Technology is registered in Hong Kong, a joint venture by OKYSTAR TECHNOLOGY GROUP CO. LIMITED.

Oky Newstar Technology locate itself in Longhua, Shenzhen, China, the capital of consumer electronics.



We acquire the OEM order from Hisence, and since keep close business cooperation.

For preparation for Christmas order and Chinese New Year order, we double our staff to 100 employees.

Oky Newstar Technology is recognized as the Supplier of the Year by Hisence.

Two new assembly lines are set up. Together come with two German engineers.



Oky Newstar and Sicube sign a memorandum, to establish a stratigical cooperation.

Vice Mayor of Baoan District, Shenzhen City, visits our factory.

Oky Newstar introduces its first own brand Board for Arduino, and we prepared a Project Board Student Learning Kit, which is recommended for use across multiple courses ranging from introductory circuit design to embedded programming to senior design projects. Best suited for lab-based courses requiring students to prototype a stand-alone electronic circuit or interface control logic to a processor. 



Oky Newstar introduces several microcontroller boards for Arduino, The microcontroller on the board is programmed using the Arduino programming language(based on Wiring) and the Arduino development environment (based on Processing). Arduino projects can be stand-alone or they can communicate with software running on a computer (e.g. Flash, MaxMSP, Processing).



A robot shield for Arduino is introduced, this shield makes it easy to build an Arduino-controlled robot. The shield mounts onto an assembled chassis, connecting directly to the chassis’s battery terminals and motors, and the Arduino plugs into the shield, face down. The shield includes dual motor drivers, a buzzer for playing simple sounds and music, a user pushbutton, and a 3-axis accelerometer and compass. It boosts the battery voltage to power the Arduino, and it breaks out the Arduino I/O lines, reset button, and user LED for convenient access and to accommodate additional sensors for things like obstacle and edge detection.

This year, we start the ODM business with oversea clients.



With the rapid growth of business, our staff reach the number of 900.

Oky Newstar is certificated as a ISO 9001:2008 compliance factory. We opened a subsidiary in Venezuela.



Our 3d printer module for Arduino comes out of lab.

By then, we have established robust relationship with selected distributors in South America , East Europe and Middle East.

As a result of overcrowded office and plant, we move to the new factory in Longhua, Shenzhen.



We invest RMB 6 million in testing lab, to ensure the best quality.

We help one of our European OEM clients receive CE certificate from third party lab.

We introduce MCU board product line to old customers in HK electronics fair.

Oky Newstar Technology acquires Sunshine Industrial Design to help meet OEM client requirement.



Our smart Car Accessories released, aiming students who are interested with Arduino.

We file several patent applications to SIPO for our finance tablet pc.

We focus on OEM market, especially the oversea markets.

We became a member of the "shenzhen chamber of E-Commerce" .

Awarded as Most Reliable Partner from Cube.


We introduce some new kits for Arduino, till then, we have developed an integrated product line for most modules, shield and sensor for Arduino.

Company Service

Oky Newstar supplies complete manufacturing solutions for a wide range of electronic products, tablet PC, Android mobile phone, Bluetooth keyboard board, Google TV Box and so on. We can provide manufactured components that are assembled at your facilities, or you can outsource assembly and testing and have Oky Newstar manufacture a complete ready-to-ship product.

Branding is very important because you need an easy way to distinguish your products from the products offered by other manufacturers. Branding includes screen printing on product front panels and shipping boxes, relabeling technical documentation, and other customizations that make your product uniquely yours. Oky Newstar offers product branding as a part of its standard manufacturing services.

Technical Support
Oky Newstar offers technical support to developers who would require assistance with their technical issues. In some cases, OEM digital photo frame support provides help for developers who need assistance troubleshooting problems with their development efforts. In other cases, technical support means next tier support for your technical support team. Either way, the Oky Newstar support team will show you why we are rated best in the industry" by customers.

Product Repair
Oky Newstar provides warranty repair services under the terms of the associated product warranty. Oky Newstar provides warranty repair services for components, as well as complete systems. Repair services are also available for non-warranty repairs with standard costs for parts and labour. 

Oky Newstar offers pre-sales consulting that includes the technical analysis of your product objectives. Oky Newstar engineers have helped many companies accelerate their product development, and deliver competitive products to market. Each consultation provides recommendations on how to apply products and technologies to achieve your goals. This process begins with a consultation by an Oky Newstar OEM Product Manager.

Company Team

Till Oct 1st 2013, Okystar Group have more than 1500 skilled workers and 50 technicians.

Oky Newstar team expect excellence, and nothing less.

We believe people are the most valuable asset. Everyone works to make the team proud. We are motivated by relentless personal and professional development, and we believe in helping each other achieve these goals to accomplish more together than what we could do alone. We hire the very best who are constantly striving to be better. We expect everyone to be visionary, thinking one step ahead of the industry and trends.

Oky Newstar team act as one, moving in alignment towards our mission.

We share one mission. We believe that this mission will change the world, and we work together to achieve it. We are always learning, teaching, and helping one another achieve our shared mission. We stand on each other's shoulders and bolster each other up to achieve more. We are a team.

Oky Newstar team believe in service.

We hire people who are passionate about our mission and our work and have a demonstrated history of service. We believe that serving others not only promotes social progress, but personal career growth, health, and happiness.

Oky Newstar team are trustworthy.

Trust is built on a strong foundation of honesty, integrity, and accountability. We believe trust is the most important factor in building a strong and passionate team. We believe in open, honest, direct and respectful communication to support this. We believe in taking responsibility for mistakes--if you compromise a value, own up to it.

Oky Newstar team work smart and hard.

We are intentional about our actions, but we are impatient in achieving our goals. Execution is beneath no one. We like to focus on lighting fires rather than putting them out. So we focus on the important, non-urgent work now, to avoid doing unimportant, urgent work later. We believe that everyone should be a starter and a finisher. When a new problem arises, our motto is “Act now, ask for forgiveness later.”

Oky Newstar team are frugal.

We believe that being frugal requires being resourceful which means getting the job done in the smartest way possible. We get things done without wasting time or money. We believe that if we can make things happen with very little, we can make a heck of a lot happen with a little bit more.

Oky Newstar team believe that everyone can be a leader and that everyone should lead by example.

We believe that the only real training for leadership is leadership, leadership is earned not given. We believe in leadership through actions that inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more.

Oky Newstar Technology Co., Ltd
Room1105, Block B, Chinto Technology Building, Minzhi Road, LongHua, ShenZhen city, GuangDong province, China
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